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Product Promotions

To go to Product Promotions:

Products Section--> Click, Product Promotions--> Promo

Promotion can be one of these types:

  • Fixed amount discount (e.g. $10 Off)
  • Percentage discount (e.g. 15% Off)

After you have setup promotion code your clients will be able to use this code at checkout process.

How to create a new promotion

Start by going to Products–> Product Promotions–> Click, New Promo

  • You must enter a promotion code – this is the code that customers will need to enter on the order form to receive the discount
  • You can then choose the discount type Fixed amount discount, Percentage discount, Free trial.
  • Enter amount of $ or % or days according to discount type.
  • Choose maximum number of uses. Use 0 for unlimited number of uses.
  • All other options are additional, you can now click on Create.

Additional settings

  • By selecting products at the Products tab it is possible to limit promo to specific products/services. Promo code will not be applied if selected product is not in the shopping cart.
  • It is possible when creating a promotion to specify an expiry date. Select Date tab and if you want the promo code to become valid for the specific time period define dates in select boxes.
  • You can also enable or disable product promotion by setting Active to Yes/No.
  • f you do not want the same user to use this promotion code more than once select User can use no more than one time to No.
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